If we’re going to change the world, we have to give the world a reason to want to change. We have to offer them something that they don’t have. The world’s already full of judgmental, critical mean people. They know what that looks like.

You know what they don’t understand? Someone running to them and loving them when they’ve just served a prison sentence or just had an abortion or just cheated on their spouse. That’s real, right there. But often, we have a hard time when someone just talks to us the wrong way or cuts us off in traffic. If we can’t get over trivial things like that, then how are we going to respond to actual issues that people need help with?

It’s not about us. The devil loves to distract us with ourselves, whispering, “Can you believe how they just talked to you, who do they think they are?” If he can keep us focused on this then we won’t be able to focus on our purpose.

Everyone has a special purpose for where they’re at. You might be in construction, the military, the medical field, a student in school…WHATEVER it is, you play a part. You might be the one to plant a seed in someone about the love of God, just with your life.

Keep your focus. Don’t let the devil distract you with the things that aren’t important. If someone at work or school starts acting crazy, so what! See them as God sees them. God loves everyone.

Have you ever had someone come up to you and start criticizing your child? I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me, your Daddy/Momma Bear haunches go up and you’re ready to throw down!

That’s how God feels about his kids! Picture Him saying, “Hey, I love them! They’re my kid too. Stop talking bad about them and judging them. They’ll get there. Stop expecting them to be where you’re at. Love them through it and be patient. I was patient with you!”

God loves His kids! Let’s love them too!

~Danielle Paden~
My Not So Perfect, Perfect Life Blog