When you hear the term, “They’ve got skills,” it usually doesn’t refer to someone having PEOPLE skills. But, having people skills is one of the most important things you can have in life to live successfully.

Did you know that some corporations are now giving EQ (Emotional Intelligence) tests when they hire new people?

For example, one insurance company discovered that EQ could play a vital role in sales success.

Sales agents who ranked lower on emotional intelligence abilities such as empathy, initiative, and self-confidence,were found to sell policies with an average premium of $54,000. For comparison, those agents who ranked highly on measures of EQ sold policies worth an average of $114,000.

Our emotions, and how we express them, matter! We must learn how to manage andcontrol our emotions.

Unless we learn to manage our emotions, we will constantly be battling feelings of gloom and distress.

Nobel-prize winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, has found that people would rather deal with a person that they trust and like, rather than someone they do not, even if that means paying more for an inferior product.

People make emotionally based decisions, whether it’s the best decision or not. They feel this is a normal way of life…living life based upon how you feel.

In an article, they asked this important question - Can EQ be taught or strengthened?  The answer…YES!

So, the question is HOW?! HOW do we do that? Don’t miss next week’s blog to find out!