People in the world tend to gauge success a little differently than God does. This month we’ll be looking at the different ways people determine success.

It’s as if people look through different glasses, to try to figure out how successful someone is. Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at 4 different pairs of glasses that people might look through.

Our 1st pair represents the people who focus on the financial aspect to determine success. When you look through their glasses, they believe it’s all about the money, leading you to true

Luke 12:14–15 (NLT) says, “Jesus replied, ‘Friend, who made me a judge over you to decide such things as that?’ Then he said, ‘Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured
by how much you own.’”

Now, we’re NOT saying that money’s not important, so don’t go out and quit your job! However, your financial state isn’t what determines your success rate.

Maybe the glasses of finance aren’t an issue for you? Check out next week’s blog to see which pair of glasses your wearing!