Did you know that every circumstance becomes an opportunity to encounter the goodness of God? It doesn’t mean that everything that happens to us is good.But it does mean that God wants to come to us in those times and say, “I’m here for you…here is My peace, here is My love,” or whatever you might need in that moment.

When things are not going well, do you know that God is still good? So often we take the bad things that happen in life and try to figure out the “why” behind it. We ask ourselves if God is trying to “teach us something” in this tragedy or what “sin” we’ve committed to cause this to happen. These are just lies that keep us from truly knowing that God is good.

Let God hold onto your “why,” because it will distract you from what God wants to manifest in you. Trust God to hold onto your “why” questions.

If you get the character of God wrong, then everything will bewrong. Have you ever done a really intense math problem? If you get the variable wrong, then your whole problem will be wrong. It’s the same with God. If you get Him wrong, thinking that He’s not good and He’s causing this bad stuff to happen in your life, you won’t trust Himand you DEFINITELY won’t believe in His goodness.

You need to read Ephesians 1:18–2:6 in The Passion Translation. It’s an awesome picture of our story and what God has placed in us - what He desires for us. He loves us with such incredible love!