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Mike and Melody Davis

Mike and Melody are people who love God and love people with all their hearts. In 1994 they followed God’s call to move to Pueblo and start RMFC. Together they are passionate about the local church, and seeing leaders and ministers empowered to impact this nation for Jesus Christ.

Mike loves everything to do with aircraft and used to be an in-flight refueler in the Air Force, refueling aircraft in mid-flight. He wants to visit Israel and see the pyramids in Egypt someday. His favorite food hands-down is tacos and he loves ice cream! In his down time, he enjoys camping and spending time with his family and grandkids. He also likes watching movies and football and is a big Broncos fan!

Melody loves doing things outside - working in her yard and garden, listening and watching birds, and having fun little adventures with her grandkids! She enjoys her morning coffee and reading a good book when she has time. She thrives on projects and the satisfaction of completing them! She would like to visit Ireland someday.

Mike and Melody have been married for 25+ years and have 3 children, Danielle, Jared, and Joel. Danielle is married to Nathan Paden. Danielle and Nathan have blessed Mike and Melody with three grandchildren - Easton, Levi, and Emmett.

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associate Pastors

Nathan & Danielle Paden

As the Associate Pastors, Nathan and Danielle are eager to play a part in making a difference in the city of Pueblo. They are fully committed to the heart and vision of RMFC and have a passion for seeing people transformed by the Grace message!

 Nathan is also the Director over RMFC’s departments that help connect our members and create relationships, along with reaching out and impacting our community. As an Army veteran, he has had the opportunity to share his testimony and help those who can identify with his experiences. Nathan loves the outdoors, especially hiking, and keeps getting closer to his goal of climbing all of the Colorado 14ers! He wants to visit Tanzania, Africa to hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro someday! In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and working out. He also loves all things seafood! 

 Danielle Paden is the Worship Leader at RMFC. She truly has a heart for worship and enjoys sharing this passion with others. She is also the Director over RMFC’s departments that come together to ensure that the church services run smoothly. Danielle graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 2005 and was ordained in 2017. She enjoys watching action movies and won’t say no to a good, medium-rare steak! She’d love to visit Ireland someday, but one of the Paden’s favorite things to do is to take a trip to the mountains for some family time!

 Nathan and Danielle have three sons, Easton, Levi and Emmett. They are excited to be a part of the change that God is bringing to their city!


Youth Leaders

Sarah and Anthony Black

Anthony and Sarah truly care about teenagers! They believe that God has a special plan for every young person. They have seen the importance of how teens are influenced at a young age and are committed to connecting on a deeper level to show them how much God loves them! Sarah is also the Director over RMFC’s Office and Administrative Departments, a role that helps in assisting all areas of the church to make sure they are working together as a unified team.

Anthony has been a firefighter for over 17 years. When he’s not working, he loves spending time with his wife and kids. He likes to travel and wants to visit Greece, Japan and Rome someday, including his favorite vacation spot of Hawaii! His enjoyment for working out, doesn’t keep him from indulging in a little Mexican food and ice cream every now and then!

When Sarah’s not spending time with family, you might find her curled up with a Colleen Coble novel or attending a concert, to satisfy her love of loud music! She also loves to travel and hopes to return to Adak, Alaska, where she was born, and her favorite vacation spot: Kauai, Hawaii!

Anthony and Sarah have been a part of RMFC for a large part of their lives and are passionate about investing their lives into impacting the youth of Pueblo. They have two awesome kids, Kaylee and Aiden.

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childrens leader

Jennifer McDonald

When Jennifer was a child, she remembers attending Children’s Church ministry and having a seed planted about how much God loved her. This has flourished in her and created a passion to spread that love to other children. For close to 20 years, she has been committed to teaching the kids of RMFC and raising up others to teach in a fun way, breaking down the Bible in a tangible way for even our littlest members.

Jennifer loves spending her free time with her family, especially her handsome, little grandson, Elias! She has been married to her husband, John, since 1991 and they have two wonderful children, Elijah and Emma. Elijah is married to Morgan and they are the proud parents of Elias.

Jenn would love to go back and visit Japan, where she was born, not to mention that they have some of the best sushi, her favorite! Her fun side isn’t saved just for the kids, and you might find her and her daughter randomly rocking out and dancing to some Skillet while they have one of their fun baking sessions!

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Directors of Interconnections

D’Wayne and Christina Gaymon

D’wayne and Christina Gaymon have been married for over 30 years! They joined RMFC in 2017, when Dwayne was promoted to Pueblo from the western slope, where they served their former church for 23 years in various leadership capacities. They currently serve as Directors at RMFC in the area of service support which includes hospitality, ushers, greeters, and other departments.

D’wayne enjoys the outdoors - doing some hunting, and camping with his wife. He also enjoys playing a game of The Settlers of Catan every now and then! Christina is an awesome cook and actually prefers to eat at home! She enjoys finding a new house project and tackling it. She also loves connecting with people and encouraging them!

They both have a wonderful heart for people. They are always quick to jump in and lend a hand wherever help might be needed and are such a great asset to RMFC. They have 4 wonderful children and 13 beautiful grandchildren!